Visual identity design for Wave Of Tomorrow – WOT
Wave Of Tomorrow (WOT) shows developments in art, (digital) culture and society with an emphasis on play-, interaction- and game design. Wave Of Tomorrow organizes exhibitions, festivals, workshops and many off-site projects, at varying locations (national and international) and always in collaboration with others.

Instead of creating an 'identity' in literal/traditional sense, we responded with a design that is more based on a principle –  the use of a circle as key graphic element, no matter which medium or format. We've played with the various symbolic meanings of a circle to visualize the associations that evoke the name of the organization.

Scope of work
Among many other things (unfortunately not all items have been documented): lenticular printed business cards, silkscreen printed calendars, music event invites in record sleeves, wall graphics and posters. We were also involved in the design of projects initiated by WOT, mostly in collaboration with other organizations, for example the Playful Arts Festival.

Wave Of Tomorrow's visual identity has been published in the international publication Playful Graphics – Graphic Design That Surprises 2015.


Visual identity design
Print design

Studio photography: Thomas van Oorschot
Silkscreen prints: GA Den Bosch (Graphic Workspace Den Bosch)

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