Commissioned by Graaffwerk Architects (NL) we designed five illustrations representing the core values of the municipality of Ubbergen. We used the symbolic meaning of the animals and plants that live and grow in this area in the design of the illustrations. Each of the five illustrations therefore represents a core value of the municipality policy: swam-care, buzzard-vision, tulip-faith, beetle-protection, peacock-pride. The current logo mark of Ubbergen forms the base of each of the five illustrations. As a result, these illustrations can easily be combined with their existing visual identity.

Project Team
Graaffwerk Architects
Studio Stephan Lerou

To show the concept (to immediately made it clear visually), we've collected the illustrations in a nice booklet. The left page shows the 'shield' of the current logo of the municipality, the right page indicates our addition.

Photography: Thomas van Oorschot

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