Press Room

Selected Clients
Amsterdam Marketing
Ellie Cashman Design
City of 's-Hertogenbosch
City of Zaanstad
DOEN Foundation Amsterdam
Fontys University of Applied Sciences
FRAEY Dordrecht
GVB Amsterdam
KEPRI Lifestyle

Kunstenbond Amsterdam
MyDistrict Menswear
National Monument Foundation
Province Noord-Brabant
Steppin 'Out Clothing
Tilburg University
WBOOKS Publisher

Case Studies
Selected case studies Studio Stephan Lerou (up to and including 2018)

Selected publications Studio Stephan Lerou (up to and including 2019)
2019 Corrugated Paper Packaging & Structural Design | Book – Design Media (UK)
2018 Los Logos 8 | Book – Gestalten (DE)
2018 Article on Creative Boom | Online
2018 Article on Dutch Design Daily | Online
2017 365 + 1 Day‘s, Calendar Book | Foundation Print (NL)
2017 Article in Dezine Magazine #2
2017 Behance Curated Project / Ellie Cashman Design | Online
2017 Behance Curated Project / A Wondrous Climb  | Online
2015 Playful Graphics | Book – Sandu Publishing (HK)
2015 Interview on | Online
2015 Article on Vormplatform | Online
2015 Look at me! New Poster Design | Book – Sandu Publishing (HK)
2015 Type Player 3 | Book – Ginko Press (VS)
2010 My City | Book – GreyTones at Graphic Matters (NL)
2010 3rd Price at VROAAM! by Association Dutch Designers (BNO)

Lectures / Misc.
2017 Teacher Concept Development Fontys University – Cross Lab Project
2015 Supervisor University of Tilburg – Social Innovation Project
2015 Speaker at ‘20X20’ conference by Association Dutch Designers (BNO)
2015 GA Zichtbaar exhibition by Graphic Workspace + Letterproeftuin
2010 Speaker at ‘Manifestatie of Publicatie?’ Province Noord-Brabant
2010 – 2012 Advisor Centre of Contemporary Art ‘s-Hertogenbosch
2010 Coordinator Communication art event Game-City
2010 My City by GreyTones at Graphic Matters
2010 PopJugend exhibition by Shop Around Amsterdam

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