Together with the board of consultant agency Plus Projects we decided on a new strategy. Their fundamental values lie in innovation and durability, which were translated into a new identity that distinguishes itself from the prevailing visual standards within their industry. Instead of the traditional client-agency relationship, we teamed up in a close collaborative process with the client and it’s board members. Since the new identity launch, the quality of leads increased.

"I worked with Stephan (pleasantly) for the development of the new visual identity for Plus Projects. Stephan excels in carefulness and the passion for his profession. He puts his soul and salvation in his work, that is expressed in original and well thought-out concepts and designs. I therefore recommend him wholeheartedly!" Elmer van Dalen – Strategy & Creative direction.

Design: in collaboration with Nearest Neighbour
Copy: Elmer van Dalen @Supergluer
Photography: Thomas van Oorschot
protected by copyright laws.
Brand Guide
Following our development of the Plus Projects identity, we documented all aspects of the brand into a comprehensive design guide. As new Plus Projects are established, these guidelines will ensure a strong and consistent execution and experience is achieved.

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