Both founders have a demonstrated history in textile industry. Kepri products use only the best quality materials, mostly perceived through touch. Our mission was to present Kepri as a brand that's sophisticated and loyal to the traditions of linen but modern and fashionable at the same time.

We worked directly with the founders to build the brand from scratch, starting with strategy. From there we created the brand story, brand name and brand promise. We have communicated a visual language that is based on minimal aesthetics and Modern Heritage. Their principles of luxury and upmost quality is reflected in all supporting materials and through subtle, tactile yet elegant print finishes. We are very satisfied with the outcome; a good-old yet contemporary linen brand identity with typographical austerity and premium fine detail.
Web development: Intracto
Photography website: Justine Leenarts, Daniel Bouquet (campaign images)
Photography portfolio case studie: Thomas van Oorschot

Environmental consciousness
All material used has FSC®, PEFC and/or ECF certification (meaning that the pulp used are all from managed forests and the bleaching process avoids the use of harmful chlorine, consist of recycled fibers and is heavy metal free).
The cotton has been grown on fields without the use of chemicals, pesticides and defoliants. The water usage is 91% lower than that of conventional cotton and organic cotton, saves 46% of CO₂ compared to conventional cotton as well. GOTS Certified — covers every single step in the production process, from fiber to finished garment. From farmer to garment production.
Visual Style Guide
Kepri's new visual identity can only make a positive impact if it is used consistently and correct. Therefor we documented all aspects of the brand into a visual style guide to ensure a strong and consistent appearance across various means of communication.

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