Stephan Lerou / 
guiding the future of brands

Dutch independent creative strategist Stephan Lerou guides organizations to build meaningful brands. From brand strategy, brand concept to brand design.

It's his mission ‘to create better futures’. Therefore Stephan enriches brand development with foresight studies and sustainability intelligence.

Stephan is one doorway to a professional creative network. Depending if and on the discipline needed, he may call on one or some of these professionals.

Stephan Lerou /
short bio

After graduating as a commercial designer, Stephan studied architecture. In the following years he worked as a designer, art consultant and coach for creative entrepreneurs.

In 2009 he founded Studio Stephan Lerou, a studio specialized in brand identity design. Projects by this studio have been included in international publications.

To increase its impact, Stephan re-founded his studio in 2018. From a more strategic role, he's now working on brands that matter in a complex, noisy world.

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