Wave Of Tomorrow (WOT) | Visual identity

Wave Of Tomorrow (WOT) shows developments in art, (digital) culture and society with an emphasis on play-, interaction- and game design. Wave Of Tomorrow organizes exhibitions, festivals, workshops and many off-site projects, at varying locations (national and international) and always in collaboration with others.
I designed Wave Of Tomorrow's visual identity. Among other things WOT's 'open source' logo, lenticular printed business cards (for WOT's dynamic crew members) a silkscreen printed calendar (for use as promo gift) and a music event invite in record sleeve. I was also involved in the design of projects initiated by WOT, mostly in collaboration with other organizations. for example the Playful Arts Festival.

Project featured in this international publication:
Playful Graphics – Graphic Design That Surprises 2015

Photography: Thomas van Oorschot

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