Triskaidekaphobia | Page design

Triskaidekaphobia means an extreme suspicion of the number thirteen. Our entry for The calendar book ‘365+1 Days’. A project initiated by Foundation Print The Netherlands. Studio Stephan Lerou was asked to design the pages for November 13th. We've played with the typographic elements of the abbreviation of the month November. This page now indicates that there's no 13, move on to 14! At the same time it's very clear what date it is. We love such ambiguity within a design. With matching book-marker!
I recommend this book! It contains contributions from renowned Dutch designers & studios. Among others: Fabrique, Drawswords, KesselsKramer, Lava, Roosje Klap, Swip Stolk, Thonik, Trapped in Suburbia, Underware. Buy the book here.

Book design: Melle Hammer
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