Plus Projects is a grant and incentives consultancy from the Hague (Netherlands). Their clients include the most innovative and sustainability-oriented businesses in The Netherlands; from car manufacturers to record labels, sugar plants and many more. In 2017, Plus Projects won a FD Gazelle 2017 award for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.
Together with the board of consultant agency Plus Projects we decided on a new brand strategy. Their fundamental values lie in innovation and durability, which were translated into a new online and offline identity. Instead of the traditional client-agency relationship, we teamed up in a close collaborative process with the client and it’s board members.
Visual identity design in collaboration with Nearest Neighbour, a.o.: logo-mark, logo-type, website and various printed media such as stationary, wrapping paper, etc.

Stay Tuned! Soon more images!

Photography: Thomas van Oorschot
Printed Matter: Tielen Boxtel
Paper: Colorplan by G.F Smith

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