Playful Arts Festival | Visual Identity

Playful Arts Festival – 'Collaborative Play’ (PAF'12 theme) aims to stimulate cross-overs between different fields of play, interaction and design. The festival wants to connect a wider audience with the spaces of play. Focusing on showcasing games that evoke physical and emotional responses by putting the player into action with friends and foes.

Rather than one rigid design solution we designed a tool, a template (T-shape within a circle) that allow for open interpretation and audience participation. Each visitor made a contribution to the festivals identity, became a member of the unique PAF community, by either drawing in a poster or flyer template. To ensure a uniform imagery only the use of black ink or paint was allowed. To communicate the concept we pre-designed 10 'avatar logo’s’.

Due to the successful implementation, this project was presented at Art Rotterdam 2013.
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