1. Reference image

2. The exhibition
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3. The process

Copycopycopyshop | Interactive poster
My contribution to the GA Zichtbaar (GO Visible) project and exhibition initiated by Letterproeftuin & Graphic Workspace.

Print has an emotional quality that digital doesn't offer. We can not only look at it but also smell the ink and feel the paper or finishing. With print we can make a visual and haptic statement that underlines the messages. Craftsmanship is achieved through dedication, attention, experimentation and repetition… repetition… repetition….

Copycopycopyshop is about experiment, wonder, tactility and authenticity. It's about the Human Touch in analogue reproductions. These posters, made of heat sensitive ink, ask to be touched. They have something magical. With every touch you'll see something different, something unique, never perfect. They challenge to experiment and play.
This project is featured in two international publications:
Playful Graphics – Graphic Design That Surprises 2015
Look at me! – New Poster Design 2015

This project received special attention on:

Photography: Studio Stephan Lerou

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