Studio Stephan Lerou is a small design agency in the historic center of ’s-Hertogenbosch/The Netherlands. The studio realizes communication concepts, art direction and visual identities for a wide range of customers and initiatives in the commercial and cultural field.

The studio’s work is based on a conceptual design approach and is strongly oriented on print media, typography and human interaction. The result is bright, minimalist design with a balance between playful and serious.

Studio Stephan Lerou puts together teams from a network of creatives. The objective is always an authentic, project-specific and high-impact graphic solution.

Intern positions
Unfortunately there are no intern positions available for graphic design students, nonetheless we will have a look at all the submitted portfolios, for possible collaborations.

Selected Clients
Ellie Cashman Design, Graaffwerk Architects, WOT Interactive Art Platform, Steppin'Out Clothing, MyDistrict Menswear, WBOOKS Publisher, Foundation National Monument Saint-John,
Dutch Association of Administrative and Tax Experts (NOAB), Centre Contemporary Art, FRAEY Consultancy, Playful Arts Festival…

Work of Studio Stephan Lerou has been featured in (inter)national publications and design blogs:

UPCOMING Los Logos 8
UPCOMING Corrugated packaging design
UPCOMING Calendar Book by Foundation PRINT
2015  Playful Graphics – Graphic Design That Surprises
2015  Look at me! New Poster Design
2015  Type Player 3
2010  My City – GreyTones

2017  Article on
2017  Article on DUTCH DESIGN DAILY
2015  Interview on
2015  Article on

2014  GA Zichtbaar Exhibition by Letterproeftuin

2011   Game Heroes Exhibition during Game City Art Event

2010  My City by GreyTones during Graphic Design Festival Breda
2010  PopJugend Exhibition by Shop Around Amsterdam

2010  3rd Price VROAAM! Initiated by Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)

2017  Supervisor of students at Fontys (University of Applied Sciences) within the Cross-Lab project
2014  until 2016 – Art director A Wondrous Climb, Saint John's Cathedral 's-Hertogenbosch
2015  Supervisor of students at the University of Tilburg within the Social Innovation Project

2015  Speaker at '20X20' conference Nijmegen invited by the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)
2010  Speaker at Manifestatie of Publicatie? Breda invited by Province of Noord-Brabant
2010  Coördinator communication Game City Art Event
2008 until 2011 – Counsellor of the Centre of Contemporary Art 's-Hertogenbosch

White flag
We always wanted a flag as our logo mark because flags are used to indicate identity and to symbolize goals. Setting up a flag possess the meaning of conquering something, achieve goals through cooperation! The color white is the color of new beginnings, it's a methaphor for silence, purity and simplicity. Our logo mark is a white flag. The most minimal yet strongest recognizable flag design. Symbol of peace and honesty.

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